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8X Light Grey Top Upper Basket Tray Wheels

8X Light Grey Top Upper Basket Tray Wheels

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Electrolux Zanussi AEG Dishwasher Top Upper Basket Tray Wheels
8X Light Grey  Electrolux Zanussi AEG Dishwasher Top Upper Basket Tray Wheels

Also Known As: Castor, Runner Lower Basket Wheel WhitePart
Number: ZN43105

Electrolux Zanussi AEG replacement dishwasher upper basket wheels
Upper basket wheels
Genuine part number - 50278101006

Please note this part is a non genuine compatible spare part and the manufacturers’ names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only
Fits the following models
and many more:
AFI8513ZT/E01, AFI8514ZT/E01, AFI8515ZT/E01, ASF1652, ASF2452, ASF2484, ASF2552, ASF2584, ASF2632, ASF2640, ASF2642, ASF2643, ASF2643A, ASF2644, ASF2648, ASF2649, ASF2748, ASF4120, ASF452, ASF484, ASF6120, ASI4230ALU, ASI4230N, ASI4230W, ASI4230X, ASI4231ALU, ASI4231N, ASI4231W, ASI4231X, ASI6218W, ASI6218X, ASI6228N, ASI6228W, ASI6228X, ASL4210, ASL4211, ASL483, BDW45, BDW46, BDW53, BDW54, BDW55, BDW60, BIDW405, CMS242, DA4131, DA4142, DA4143, DA4152, DA4341, DA4342, DA4352, DA4441, DA4441N, DA4441S, DA4442, DA4452, DA4541, DA4552, DA6041, DA6141, DA6141D, DA6141SIL, DA6142, DA6142N, DA6142S, DA6152, DA6153, DA6241, DA6242, DA6252, DA6332, DA6341, DA6342, DA6343, DA6344, DA6345, DA6352, DA6373, DA6452, DE2354, DE2554, DE2654, DE4554, DE4554S, DE4654, DE4744, DE4744ALU, DE4754, DE4755, DE4756, DE4844, DE4855, DE4944, DE540X, DE6342, DE6344, DE6442, DE6444, DE6540, DE6542, DE6544, DE6545, DE6545X, DE6554, DE6644, DE6744, DE6753, DE6844, DE6850, DE6850ALU, DE6854, DE6855, DE6865, DE6865ALU, DE6865X, DEF101, DF4449, DF6926, DH086, DH090, DH092W, DH102, DH102D, DH103, DH104W, DH200W, DI4509, DI4550, DI8009, DI8029, DI8512, DTI4725E, DW474-1, DW4803, DW5003, DW5006, DWS4704, DWS684, DX6450, DX6451, DX6452, DX6453, EASY ALU, ENFI8517ZT/E01, ESF4100, ESF4101, ESF4110, ESF4120, ESF4121, ESF4126, ESF4127, ESF4129, ESF4130, ESF4131, ESF4132, ESF4150, ESF4151, ESF452, ESF4542, ESF473, ESF489, ESF6100, ESF6100W, ESF6100X, ESF6101, ESF6102, ESF6109, ESF6110, ESF6111, ESF6119, ESF6120, ESF6121, ESF6122, ESF6123, ESF6124, ESF6124X, ESF6126, ESF6126X, ESF6128, ESF6129, ESF6130, ESF6130K, ESF6132, ESF6132K, ESF6133, ESF6140, ESF6141, ESF6142, ESF6145, ESF6150, ESF6150X, ESF6151, ESF6152, ESF6224, ESF6521, ESF6522, ESF6525, ESF6526, ESF6528, ESF6529, ESF6549, ESF6549X, ESF6550, ESF673, ESI4110K, ESI4110W, ESI4110X, ESI4112K, ESI4112W, ESI4112X, ESI4120K, ESI4120W, ESI4120X, ESI4121K, ESI4121W, ESI4121X, ESI430B, ESI430K, ESI430W, ESI430X, ESI6100K, ESI6100W, ESI6100X, ESI6104B, ESI6104K, ESI6104W, ESI6104X, ESI6105B, ESI6105K, ESI6105W, ESI6105X, ESI6110A, ESI6110K, ESI6110U, ESI6110W, ESI6110X, ESI6112K, ESI6112W, ESI6112X, ESI6120B, ESI6120W, ESI6120X, ESL114, ESL115, ESL135, ESL24, ESL4110, ESL4111I, ESL4114, ESL4115, ESL4120, ESL4121, ESL4135, ESL4142, ESL4160, ESL424, ESL444I, ESL459, ESL492, ESL499, ESL6100, ESL6111I, ESL6114, ESL6115, ESL6123, ESL6124, ESL6125, ESL6142, ESL6154, ESL620, F.43450ID, F.43450IM, F.43450IW, F.4450W, F.44630, F.44760IA, F.44760IB, F.44760ID, F.44760IM, F.44765IA, F.44765IM, F.54700UW, F.54730W, F.64450IA, F.64450IB, F.64450ID, F.64450IM, F.64450IW, F.64850I-W, F.64860I-B, F.64860ID, F.64860IM, F.64860IW, F.86450IB, F.86450IW, F.OPTIMAAA, F.PROTECT-N, F34660IB, F34660ID, F34660IM, F34660IW, F40742, F43470I-B, F43470I-D, F43470I-M, F43470I-W, F43480I-B, F43480I-D, F43480I-M, F43480I-W, F44420, F44430, F44450, F44630, F44740, F44750, F44760, F44760IB, F44760IW, F50580VI, F50630, F50742, F54730, F54750, F54750I, F54750IB, F54750ID, F54750IM, F54750IW, F54750VI, F55060VI, F64450IB, F64450IM, F64450IW, F64800W, F64810, F64850IB, F64850I-D, F64850IM, F65450VI, F65455VI, F74500, F74550, F74550I-M, F74550I-W, F85460VI, F86450IM, F86450IW, F86460IB, F86460ID, F86460IM, F86460IW, FAUTO, FAUTOAA, FAV34300W, FAV34350IB, FAV34350ID, FAV34350IM, FAV34350IW, FAV40600, FAV40610, FAV43450IB, FAV43450ID, FAV43450IM, FAV43450IW, FAV44410, FAV44500W, FAV44550D, FAV44610, FAV44630, FAV50600, FAV50610, FAV50750VI, FAV54610, FAV54619, FAV54700UW, FAV54700W, FAV54709W, FAV54710, FAV54730, FAV54730W, FAV54750VI, FAV64450IA, FAV64450IB, FAV64450ID, FAV64450IM, FAV64450IW, FAV64455IA, FAV64455IM, FAV64800W, FAV64810, FAV64810W, FAV85450VI, FAV86450IB, FAV86450ID, FAV86450IM, FAV86450IW, FAVG330, FAVORIT5041, FFIESTAAA, FIDW41, FIDW42, FMAGIC-IM, FMAGIC-VI, FOPTIMAAA, FPERFECTAA, FPROTECT-N, GE44021, GI3450C, GI843CN, GI843W, GI845W, GIV845, GS4140, GS843, GSVB-45.1, ID4305B, ID4305S, ID4305W, ID4305X, IG455.1E, IG455.1W, IG633.1E, IG633.1W, IG645.1E, IG653.1B, IG653.1E, IG653.1J, IG656.1E, IGV458.4, IGV643.5, IGV655.1, IGV657.1, IGV658.1, IT5614, IZZI, IZZI ALU, IZZI W, IZZIALU, IZZI-ALU, IZZIW, IZZI-W, JLDWW1201, JSI3340E, JSI3340W, JSI3344S, JSI3361B, JSI3361E, JSI3361S, JSI3361W, JSI3444B, JSI3444E, JSI3444S, JSI3444W, JSI4541E, JSI4541W, JSI4542A, JSI4542B, JSI4542E, JSI4542W, JSI5464AF, JSI5464B, JSI5464E, JSI5464S, JSI5464W, JSI5465AF, JSI5465B, JSI5465E, JSI5465S, JSI5465W, JSV3540, JSV45600, JSV4562, LV4541I, LV6041I, LVA155, LVC31S, LVC41S, LVC45S, LVC52P, LVC84S, LVI462, LVI562N, LVI562W, LVI562X, P06B, P06N, P06X, PS437, PS4370, PS6240, PSNR437, PSNR4370, QB961W, QB965W, RP2, RP4, RP4NR, RPK3, RPK3NR, RPK3X, RT6, RT6NR, RT6X, RTIK70, RTIK70A, RW410, RW420, RW460, RW480, RW700, RW701, RW770A, T04, T06, T4, T45, T6, T6 IMB CARTONE, T65, T7, TBDW30, TBDW42, TDF200, TDS200, TP08BE, TP08NE, TP08XE, TP5, TP95XE, TT07E, TT08E, TT09E, TT8E, TT95E, TT9E, VN7451E1, VW7451E1, VZ9456E1, ZD694B, ZD694N, ZD694W, ZD694X, ZDF100, ZDF200, ZDF210, ZDF210F, ZDF220, ZDF230, ZDF250, ZDF250ALU, ZDF310, ZDF310F, ZDF400, ZDF400X, ZDI100N, ZDI100W, ZDI100X, ZDI110X, ZDI111B, ZDI111W, ZDI111X, ZDI200N, ZDI200X, ZDI300X, ZDI4041B, ZDI4041N, ZDI4041W, ZDI4041X, ZDI4141B, ZDI4141W, ZDI4141X, ZDI6041B, ZDI6041N, ZDI6041W, ZDI6041X, ZDI6052B, ZDI6052N, ZDI6052W, ZDI6052X, ZDI6053N, ZDI6053QA, ZDI6053QX, ZDI6053SX, ZDI6053W, ZDI6053X, ZDI6054QX, ZDI6054SX, ZDI6142N, ZDI6142W, ZDI6142X, ZDI6173N, ZDI6173W, ZDI6173X, ZDI6453N, ZDI6453X, ZDI6555N, ZDI6555W, ZDI6555X, ZDI6556N, ZDI6556W, ZDI6556X, ZDIS100W, ZDIS100X, ZDM4714B, ZDM4714N, ZDM4714W, ZDM4714X, ZDS100, ZDS200, ZDS200F, ZDS300, ZDS350, ZDT100, ZDT110, ZDT200, ZDT300, ZDT4041, ZDT4052, ZDT4152, ZDT5044, ZDT5052, ZDT5053, ZDT5152, ZDT6041, ZDT6052, ZDT6053, ZDT6152, ZDT6244, ZDT6252, ZDT6253, ZDT6254, ZDT6255, ZDT6353, ZDT6453, ZDT6454, ZDT6455, ZDTS100, ZKDW24, ZKS5430S, ZKS5430W, ZKS5430X, ZKS5440S, ZKS5440W, ZKS5440X, ZKS5550I, 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