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Beko Blomberg Lamona Howden Oven Cooker Selector Switch 263900054 Genuine Part

Beko Blomberg Lamona Howden Oven Cooker Selector Switch 263900054 Genuine Part

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Oven Cooker Selector Switch

Specifications: 7 positions. Shaft: 23mm. 16(4)A 250V, 10(2)A 400V

Part Number 263900054

Suitable for The Following Models


BIE14300WCS AFE21300S BCE16300X BIE14300BCS BIE15300XCS BIE22000X BIE22100XC BIE22300XC BIE24100B BIE24300BCS BIE24300WCS BIE26300XCS CSE52020DS CSE56100GA CSE57002GW CSE57100GS CSE57100GX CSE57300GAR CSE57300GW CSE66000GW CSE66001GW CSE67000GW CSE67100GW CSE67300GS CSE67300GX CSE69100GS CSE69300GA CSE86300GW CSE87001GW CSE87002GW CSE87004GW CSE87300GW CSE97000GW OCE24000B OIE21200CU OIE21300B OIE22000X OIE22100X OIE23300X OIE24300B OIE25000X OIE27200AV OIER21100W OIER22300X OIER24300W OUE2N001X BIE22102X BIE22301X BIE24300B BIE24300W BIE24301B BIE26100XCS BIE35300XS BCE12300X BCE18300XC CSE52010DW CSE52020DX CSE52120GA CSE52320DW CSE52321DW CSE52322DW CSE52620DW CSE52621DW CSE53020GW CSE54010DW CSE56000GW CSE56100GW CSE57100GA CSE57100GW CSE57101GS CSE57102GW CSE57302GA CSE57302GW CSE57W CSE62010DW CSE62110DX CSE62120DWL CSE62120DX CSE62121DWL CSE62320GW CSE62321DX CSE63110DW CSE63111DX CSE63120DSN CSE63120GW CSE63320DX CSE64010DW CSE66000GS CSE66001GBR CSE66300GW CSE67000GX CSE67101GS CSE67300 CSE67300GW CSE67301GW CSE69000GW CSE69100GW CSE69300GW CSE69301GW CSE87000GW CSE87001GX CSE87003GW CSE87005GW CSE87300GX CSECSE64320DS-BAL MCSE58303GW MCSE68102GW OIE21100B OIE21200WU OIE22101X OIE22103X OIE22300X OIE22302X OIE22305X OIE23302X OIE24100B OIE24300W OIE24301W OIE27201AV OIER22101X OIER24300B OUE22020W OUE22021W OUE22120X OUE2N000X BIE15300XS BIE22100X BIE22300X BIE22300XD CSE57300GA CSE57300GS OCE223000X OIE21300W OIE22001X OIE27200A OIER21100B OIER22100X BIE22101X BIE24301W CSE52010GW CSE52020DW CSE52110GW CSE52120GX CSE52320DX CSE52321DX CSE52325DW CSE52620DX CSE53010DW CSE53320DW CSE54320GW CSE57101GW CSE57301GW CSE57302GS CSE57302GX CSE61120DX CSE62110DW CSE62120DW CSE62120DWN CSE62121DW CSE62121DX CSE62321DW CSE62X CSE63110DX CSE63120DSL CSE63120DW CSE63320DW CSE63X CSE64320DW CSE67101GW CSE67301GX CSE69301GA MCSE58302GW MCSE58303GX OIE21201CU OIE22101W OIE22102X OIE22104X OIE22301X OIE22303X OIE22S OIE23301X OIE23303X OIE24301B OIE24305B OIE27201A OUE22020X OUE22021X OUE22320X


BIE22101X BIE22300X BIE22301X BIE24300W BIE253E0X


GEBE13000X GEHE13000X




Please compare your old part with the photographs provided prior to ordering as manufacturers change the design and components of their appliances without changing the model numbers and this is beyond our control.

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