Useful Information about Capacitors

Useful Information about Capacitors


Useful information about capacitors 

The voltage rating for a capacitor is the maximum voltage you can apply without breaking the capacitor. 
Consider something similar like the pressure rating for a tank that holds compressed air. The highest pressure the tank can withstand without breaking.  

If you expose a capacitor to a higher voltage than it's rated for, it'll probably blow its top. So, make sure that the voltage rating on the capacitor is greater than the voltage you're expecting 
The uF or mF value on a capacitor is its capacitance. 
The higher the capacitance, the more charge the plates can store at a given voltage.  
Important Capacitor uF should be replaced Like for like as you can damage your motor if you use the wrong uF rating. 

Most of our capacitors are rated to 450 VAC
We stock spade connecter and prewired capacitors 

Spade connector Capacitors have 2 U type contacts 
Giving 4 spade connections points, allowing additional connectivity.)  
the capacitors are Bipolar meaning they can be connected either way Round.

50/60 Hz
The Climatic categories

The Climatic categories is:  25/70/21,  25/85/21 
meaning=   Minimum -°c / Maximum +°c / Damp Heat days 
Your capacitor may have a different The Climatic categories

25/70/21,    25/85/21 , 40/85/21

This does not real make a great difference unless you have a very specific 
application in very harsh environments 


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