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Electrolux Fan Oven Cooker Element EOB5630W UK, EOB5630X UK, EOB5665G UK Genuine Part >>

Electrolux Fan Oven Cooker Element EOB5630W UK, EOB5630X UK, EOB5665G UK Genuine Part >>

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Aeg, Kuppersbusch ,Electrolux, Lux3871425108 >>

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EOB5627K, EOB5627W, EOB5627X, EOB6697X, EOB990W1 FAE M.P.UK, EOB990X1 FAE M.P.UK, EOB945B1, EOB945GR1, EOB945W1, EOB948K, EOB948W, EOB948X, EOB975B1, EOB975BU1, EOB975GR1, EOB975R1, EOB975W1, EOB5600B UK, EOB5600W UK, EOB5600X UK, EOB5610B UK, EOB5610W UK, EOB5610X UK, EOB5630B UK, EOB5630K UK, EOB5630W UK, EOB5630X UK, EOB5665G UK, EOB6630B UK, EOB6630C UK, EOB6630K UK, EOB6630U UK, EOB6630W UK, EOB6630X UK, EOB6630XK UK, EOB6632K UK, EOB6632U UK, EOB6632W UK, EOB6632X UK, EOB6636X UK, EOB6696X UK, EOC6630W UK, EOC6630X UK, EOC6690X UK


Please compare your old part with the photographs and dimensions provided prior to ordering as manufacturers change the design and components of their appliances without changing the model numbers and this is beyond our control.

Unless stated as a Genuine Part, The part will be a high-quality compatible part.
Manufacturers names and part numbers are used for reference only.
12 Month warranty on all Parts

All electrical components should be fitted by a competent electrician / engineer.
Always remember to turn your appliance OFF and disconnect from the main electrical supply before starting any repair.

  • GTIN:
  • MPN:
  • SKU:
  • Width =A:
    205 mm
  • Fixing Plate =B:
    70 mm
  • Fixing Holes =C:
    55 mm
  • Terminal centres = D:
    25 mm
  • Length = E:
    225 mm
  • Voltage:
    230-240 V
  • Watts:
    2400 W
  • Turns:
    2 TURN
  • Brand:
  • Condition:
  • Product Code:
  • Weight:
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