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Genuine De Dietrich Fan Oven Motor

Genuine De Dietrich Fan Oven Motor

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Genuine De Dietrich Fan Oven Motor
Part no. 74X1146

Fixing points approximately 86mmapart
Complete spindle lengthapproximately 50mm

Suitable for The Following Models
De Dietrich
DCG310WE1, DCG630W, DCI399AE1, DCI399WE1,DCI399XE1, DCI499AE1, DCI499WE1, DCI499XE1, DCI499XU1, DCI798X, DCI799A,DCI799W, DCI799X, DCM340WE1, DCM350WE1, DCM350XE1, DCM360AE1, DCM365WE1,DCM440WE1, DCM450WE1, DCM450XE1, DCM469WE1, DCM630W, DCM640A, DCM640W, DCM650W,DCM650X, DCV330WE1, DCV330XE1, DCV469WE1, DCV469XE1, DOC310BE1, DOC310WE1,DOC310XE1, DOC310ZE1, DOC315DF1, DOC315EF1, DOC410BE1, DOC410WE1, DOC410XA1,DOC410XE1, DOC410XJ1, DOC505XE1, DOC540BE1, DOC540WE1, DOC540XA1, DOC540XE1,DOC560XE1, DOD328BU1, DOD328WU1, DOD328XU1, DOD338BU1, DOD338WU1, DOD338XU1,DOD348BG1, DOD348WG1, DOD348XG1, DOD428XU1, DOD438BU1, DOD438WU1, DOD438XU1,DOD448BG1, DOD448WG1, DOD448XA1, DOD448XG1, DOD798B, DOD798W, DOD798X,DOE405WJ1, DOE405XE1, DOE405XJ1, DOE505BE1, DOE505WE1, DOE505XD1, DOE505XE1,DOP330BE1, DOP330WE1, DOP330XE1, DOP340BE1, DOP340WE1, DOP340XE1, DOP340ZE1,DOP350BE1, DOP350WE1, DOP350XE1, DOP355DF1, DOP355EF1, DOP360BE1, DOP360WE1,DOP360XE1, DOP370BE1, DOP370WE1, DOP370XE1, DOP370ZE1, DOP390BE1, DOP390WE1,DOP390XE1, DOP390ZE1, DOP399WE1, DOP399XE1, DOP430WJ1, DOP430XJ1, DOP440BE1,DOP440WE1, DOP440WJ1, DOP440XE1, DOP440XJ1, DOP440ZE1, DOP450BE1, DOP450WE1,DOP450XE1, DOP450ZE1, DOP455DF1, DOP455EF1, DOP455XD1, DOP458BF1, DOP458WF1,DOP458XF1, DOP460BE1, DOP460WE1, DOP460XE1, DOP465XD1, DOP470BE1, DOP470WE1,DOP470XE1, DOP470ZE1, DOP475XD1, DOP475ZD1, DOP490BE1, DOP490WE1, DOP490XE1,DOP490XT1, DOP490ZE1, DOP495XD1, DOP495ZD1, DOP499XE1, DOP505BE1, DOP505WE1,DOP505XE1, DOP755D, DOP755E, CB8479F1, CD1000J1, CD7434F1, CD7474F1, CD8437E1,CD8439E1, CD8449F1, CD8457E1, CD8469F1, CD8479E1, CD8499F1, CE9000E1, CE9005E1,CM8479F1, CW8437F1, DCG210WE1, DCI195WE1, DCI195XE1, DCI295WE1, DCI295XE1,DCM120WE1, DCM140VE1, DCM140WE1, DCM150WE1, DCM150XE1, DCM160EE1, DCM170WE1,DCM190AE1, DCM220WE1, DCM240VE1, DCM240WE1, DCM250WE1, DCM250XE1, DCV110WE1,DCV130WE1, DCV140TE1, DCV140WE1, DCV140XE1, DCV230WE1, DCV230XE1, DMP401E1,DMP401E2, DMP402E1, DMP404E1, DMP404E2, DMP501E1, DMP501E2, DMP502E1, DMP504E1,DMP504E2, DOD348BG1, DOD348WG1, DOD348XG1, DOP100BE1, DOP100WE1, DOP100XE1,DOP399XE1, FB4422U1, FM4422U1, FM4445J1, FM4448J1, FM4822U2, FM4827U1,FM4827U2, FW4422U1, FW4445J1, FX4422U1, FX4445J1, LME004E1, LME404E1, LME414E1,LME504E1, LMP504E1, MC2100B, MC2100N, MC2110B, MC2110N, MC2110RB, MC2110RN,MC2110X, ME1100B, ME1100N, MP3100B, MP3100N, MP3110B, MP3110N, MP3120B,MP3120N, MP3120RB, MP3120RN, MP3120X, MP3130B, MP3130N, MP3140B, MP3140N,MP3160N, UGC402E1, UMC301E1, UMC302E1, UMC401E1, UMC401E2, UMC401J1, UMC402E1,UMC404E1, UMC404E2, UMC404J1, UME404E1, UME404E2, UME405E1, UME405E2, UME406E1,UME406E2, UME411E1, UME411E2, UME412E1, UME414E1, UMP301E1, UMP301H1, UMP302E1,UMP401E1, UMP401E2, UMP401J1, UMP402E1, UMP402J1, UMP404E1, UMP404E2, UMP404J1,UMP411E1, UMP411E2, UMP412E1, UMP414E1, UMP501E1, UMP501J1, UMP502E1, UMP502J1,UMP504E1, UMP504J1, UMP505E1, UMP506E1, UMP511E1, UMP512E1, UMP601E1, UMP602E1,UMP604E1, UMP615E1, UMP616E1

Please compare your old part with the photographs and dimensions provided prior to ordering as manufacturers change the design and components of their appliances without changing the model numbers and this is beyond our control. Manufacturers names and part numbers are used for reference only. This is a high quality compatible part.

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    De Dietrich
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