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Homark, Hygena, Belling, Diplomat, CDA dual grill cooker oven heater element 900/2100 watts

Homark, Hygena, Belling, Diplomat, CDA dual grill cooker oven heater element 900/2100 watts

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3000 watts ::
Length to fixing plate: 350 mm
Width 392 mm
Cross Bar : 490 mm
Bracket : 100 mm 
Tags: 55 mm

Alternate Part Number

082618621, GDP082618441, BEL082618441, BEL082618621, 5031689403580, 00679X7944, 78651361, 76X3717, BRA79X7945, 79X7945, 5045172156389, BNT79X7945, 082618441, 14-HY-60, 14-HY-60A

Belling Oven & Cooker

789SS, XOU181 ST, XOU182 SS, XOU491 WH, XOU789 SS, XOU500 SS

Brandt Oven & Cooker

4000EB, 4000EN, 4300EB, 4300EN, C4210EB, C4210EN, FAC24W1N, FAC24X1N, FAT11W1N, FAT14T1U, FAT14W1U, FAT23H1U, FAT24B1G, FAT24B1U, FAT24T1G, FAT24TIU, FAT24W1G, FAT24W1U, FAT24X1G, FAT24X1U, FAT31X1N, FBC31W1N, FBC31X1N, FBT11B1G, FBT11T1G, FBT11W1G, FBT11W1N, FBT11X1G, FBT21T1G, FBT21W1G, FBT21X1G, FBT24B1G, FBT24T1G, FBT24W1G, FBT24X1G, FBT31B5G, FBT31T5G, FBT31W5G, FBT31X5G, FLC24B1U, FLC24C1U, FLC24W1U, FLC24X1U, FLT24M1U, FLT24T1U, FLT24W1U, FLT24X1U, FMT24B1U, FMT24T1U, FMT24W1U, FMT24X1U, 4300EB, 4300EN, C4210EB, C4210EN, FAC24X1N, FAT14W1U, FAT24T1U, FAT24X1G, FAT24X1U, FBC31W1N, FBT31T1G1, FBT31W1G, FBT31X1G, FD282BU1, FD282WU1, FD282XU1, FD292BU1, FD292WU1, FD292XU1, FLC24X1U, FLT24X1U

Cookers (Homark) Oven & Cooker

01-600306, 02-600306, 05-600306, 02-607100WS

Homark Oven & Cooker

01-700500, 02-700500, 01-600200, 01-600206, 01-607100, 01-700301, 01-700400, 01-700401, 01-700600, 01-711000A, 02-600200, 02-600206, 02-607100, 02-700301, 02-700400, 02-700400W, 02-700401, 02-700600, 02-711000A, 07-700401, 08-801201, 09-801201, 10-801201, 11-801201, 12-801201, 13-801201, 15-801201, 16-801201, 17-801201

White Westinghouse Oven & Cooker

02-200306, 02-205303, 05-205303, 07-200306/1

De Dietrich Oven & Cooker

DOD317BU1, DOD317WU1, DOD317XU1, DOE150BU1, DOE150WU1/1, DOE150XU1

Domo (Homark) Oven & Cooker

01-700301B, 02-700301W

Diplomat Oven & Cooker

ADP3411, ADP3421, ADP3441, ADP3731, ADP3741, ADP3751, ADP4301, APL3301

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