Tumble Dryer Hinges & Shock Absorber

Shock Absorber Suspension Legs for MIELE Washing Machine Damper 8mm ANS 120N

Shock Absorber Suspension Legs for MIELE Washing Machine Damper 8mm ANS 120N

Stock Status: Sold Out

Bosch Neff Siemens Miele Washing Machine Suspension Arms, Shock Absorbers

Part Numbers: - 00118869, 04151285, 04500820, 04500823, 04500826, 06200778, 118869, 4500826

Total Length 200mm, extends to 280mm


722044395, 722044483, 722044484, 722044485, 722044486, 722044487, 722044565, 722044566, 722044567, 722044568, 722044569, 722044570, 722044571, 722044572, 722044573, 722044574, 722044576, 722044577, 722044578, 722044579, 722044621, 722044624, V45259/00, V45259/01, V452626/00, V452626/01, V454/00, V454/01, V454/02, V454/04, V4542/00, V4542/01, V4542/04, V454235/00, V454235/01, V454259/00, V454259/02, V454259/04, V45434/00, V45434/01, V45434/04, V45435/00, V45435/01, V45436/00, V45436/01, V45436/04, V45437/01, V45438/00, V45438/01, V45453/00, V45453/01, V45459/00, V45459/01, V45459/04, WET2820EU/01, WET2820EU/11, WET2820EU/12, WFE2021EU/01, WFE2021GB/01, WFE2421EE/01, WFE2820EU/01, WFE2820EU/11, WFE2820EU/12, WFE2821EU/01, WFE7300/01, WFE7300/06, WFE8300/01, WFE8300/06, WFE8310/08, WFE8310/09, WFE8310CH/01, WFE8310CH/06, WFE8310DC/01, WFE8310DC/06, WFE8310DC/08, WFE8310DC/09, WFE8510/01, WFE8510/06, WFE8510/08, WFE8510/09, WFF1100IG/14, WFF1100II/01, WFF1100II/12, WFF1100II/14, 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V4280G0GB/08, V4280G1GB/01, V4280G1GB/08, V4280W0GB/01, V4280W0GB/08, V4280W1GB/01, V4280W1GB/08, V4282G0/08, V4282G1/01, V4282G1/08, V4282S0/01, V4282S0/08, V4282W0/06, V4282W0/08, V4282W1/01, V4282W1/08, V4380X0EU/01, V4380X0EU/11, V4380X0EU/12, V4380X0EU/13, V4380X0GB/01, V4380X0GB/11, W4210B1GB/01, W4210B1GB/05, W4210G0FF/01, W4210G0FF/03, W4210G0FF/08, W4210G0FF/15, W4210W0FF/01, W4210W0FF/03, W4210W0FF/08, W4210W0FF/15, W4210W1FG/01, W4210W1FG/04, W4210W1FG/06, W4210W1GB/01, W4210W1GB/04, W4210W1GB/06, W4250G0GB/06, W4250G0GB/12, W4250W0GB/06, W4250W0GB/12, W4250W0GB/15, W4272G0/01, W4272G0/06, W4280B0GB/01, W4280B0GB/11, W4280B1EU/01, W4280G0EU/01, W4280G0EU/11, W4280G1EU/01, W4280S0EU/01, W4280S0EU/11, W4280W0EU/01


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WM6143H/01, WM61471NL/01, WM6147E/01, WM6147EEU/01, WM6147EGB/01, WM6147ENL/01, WM6147SEU/01, WM71211/01, WM71271EU/01, WM71401SN/01, WM71431/01, WM71431FG/01, WM71630/11, WV273259/01, WV27350261, WV273526/01, WV2750/01, WV2750/04, WV27500141, WV27500341, WV27500591, WV2760/01, WV2760/02, WV2760/04, WV27600011, WV27600341, WV27600351, WV27600361, WV27600531, WV27600591, WV276034/01, WV276034/04, WV276035/01, WV276036/01, WV276036/04, WV276053/01, WV276059/01, WV276059/04, WV2762/01, WV2762/04, WV27620021, WV27620351, WV27620591, WV276259/01, WV276259/04, WV2830, WV2830/01, WV2830/02, WV2830/03, WV284034/01, WV284034/02, WV284034/04, WV284034/05, WV284035, WV284053, WV284059, WV2850, WV2850/01, WV2850/02, WV2850/04, WV285034, WV285059, WV2852, WV2852/01, WV2852/02, WV2852/04, WV285259, WV285259/01, WV285259/02, WV285259/04, WI3VW01/12, WI3VW01/15, WI3VW02/01, WA7002W

Please compare your old part with the photographs provided prior to ordering as manufacturers change the design and components of their appliances without changing the model numbers and this is beyond our control.

Manufacturers names and model numbers are used for reference only. This is a high-quality compatible part

  • Model:
    See Description
  • MPN:
    00118869, 04151285
  • Type:
    Shock Absorbers
  • Brand:
    Bosch, Neff, Siemens, Miele
  • Condition:
  • Product Code:
  • Weight:
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