Water Heater Elements

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Burco Hot Water Tea Urn Boiler Heater Element 2.5kw / 3kw With Gasket And Nut

Thread Approx. 39mmapprox. Size 195mm Diameter

£27.46 ex. VAT
Burco Washboiler Hot Water Heater Element 2500w 2.5kw With Nut And Gasket

C10e, C10h2, C10t, C18h, C18x, C18x2, C19h2, C20e, C26x2, C30t, Cf15l, Cf26l, Cf46l, F24l, F33l, F44l, F46l

£15.75 ex. VAT
Sadia Helical Water Heater Element 3000W

3kw Boiler Cistern 95601503 Bcd BtSADIA, Heatrae 3kw Water Heater Heating Cistern Boiler Element BCD BT

£39.13 ex. VAT