Zanussi Tumble Dryer Drive Belt ZDCB37209W ZDCB47209W 1975H7

Zanussi Tumble Dryer Drive Belt ZDCB37209W ZDCB47209W 1975H7

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Genuine Belt AEG Electrolux Tricity Bendix Tumble Dryer Drive Belt 1258288107 1975H7 Genuine Belt 1975H7 ---SIZE: 1975 mm

Genuine Tumble Dryer Drive Belt

Part Number 118373, 1258288107, 416000600, 481281728433


Length 1975 H7

Suitable for The Following Models


LTH55800, LTH56800, LTH57800, LTH57810, LTH58810, LTH59800, T37400


EDC503M, EDC510E, EDE425M, TD534, TDC1000W, EDE425M, TD514, TD524, TD524AL, TM560, EDE400M, EDE405M

Tricity Bendix

TM310W, TM320W, 74988, BTD01, BTD03, TM210W, TM220W, TM221W, TM470AL, TM550, TM560, TM565C, TM470AL, TM550, TM400, TM470


TC7102S, TC7102W, TC7103S, TC7103W, TC7114S, TC7114W, TCE7124W, TCE7127W, TCE7276W, TCS584EW, TCS675EW, TCS683W, TD4212W, TD4213W, TD4234W, TDE4224W, TDE4234W, TDE4235W, ZDC5350W, ZDC5355W, ZDC5370W, ZDC5375W, TD150, TD250, TD260, TE350, ZD225, TDE4234W, TC470, TC480, TC481W, TC482W, TC484W, TC485W, TC491D, TD4100, TD4100W, TD4112W, TD4212, TD4212W, TD523, TD534, TDE4224, TDE4224W, TDE4234W, TDS280W, TDS281W, TDS360T, TDS362T, TDS382AL, TDS382W, TDS383W, TDS463E, TDS483EW, TC460, TC470, TC480, TD513, TD523, TD523AL, TD526, TD160, TC450/B, ZTA140, ZDE26610W, ZTB261, ZTA250, ZTA240, ZDE47200W, ZDE47201W, ZTAB250, ZDE46201W, ZTE7100PZ, ZTE7101PZ, ZTE170, ZTE171, ZDC47209W, ZTEB171, ZTEB170, ZDL7102PZ, ZTK120, ZTK123, ZDC37200W, ZTKB120, ZDCB37209W, ZDC37201W, ZDC37202W, ZTKB123, ZTE135, ZTE130, ZDC47200W, ZTE140, ZTB276, ZTB271, ZDE67560W, ZDE47209W, ZTBB276, ZTBB271, ZDEB47209W, ZTE285, ZTE275, ZTE290, ZTE283, ZTE273, ZTE277, BKX6050, ZTH485, ZDC67560W, ZDC68560W, ZTE288, ZTE2888B, ZTE286, ZTE285C, ZTH485C, ZTH488, THE4851, ZTE7285, ZTH475, ZDC47203W, THES7000, ZTEB285, ZTHB485, ZTEB272, ZTEB273, ZTEB277, ZTEB286, ZTHB475, ZTHB488, ZTEB288, ZTEB290, ZDC47204W, ZDC47201W, ZDCB47209W, ZDH8333W, ZDH8333PZ, ZDC8203WR, ZDC8203W, ZDC8202P, ZDH8333P, ZDH7332P, ZDP7203P, ZDP7202PZ, ZDC8202PZ, ZDH7332PZ, ZDC8203P, TDS383W, TDS370T, TDS372T, TDS371TX, TDS382W, TDS302T, TD4112W, TD4110, TDE4124, TDS473E, TDS464E, TDS483EW, TDS281W, TDS270T, TD4100, TDS260T, TD4100W, TDE4224W, TDE4224, TC7224, TCE695, TCE7224, TCE7245, TCE7276, TCE7276W, TCS603LT, TCS623T, TC7114, TC7102W, TC7114W, TC7102, TC7102S, TC7124, TC7122, TC7114S, TCS605E, TCE7124, TCE7124W, TD4212, TD4212W, TD4224, TD4112, TDE4234W, TCS665E, TCE7114, LSI147, TD4120, TD4117, ZTB160, ZTA110, TD4213, TD4230, ZTA220, TDE4240, ZTB220, TCE7225, ZTB200, PERLA, TCE7145, TCE 7224, ZTE225, ZTE220, ZTE260, TCE7127W, EDE418M, ZTB140, ZID100, ZTA120, IZTA120, ZDE26000W, ZTA140 6K/C SMART TD, ZDE26110W, ZTB170, ZTA230, ZTA210, ZTA245, ZTA235, ZTB150, ZDE47100W, TCE7270, ZTB240, ZTB180, ZTB190, ZTB275, ZTB270, ZTE240, ZTE177, ZTK125, ZDC37100W, ZDC47100W, IZTE135, ZDC47100S, ZDC47100G, ZDE67550W, ZTE280, ZTE250, ZTE255, ZDC67550W, ZTE270, ZTE272, ZTE289, TCE7125, TCE7271, ZTE278, ZTI280, ZTE276, ZDC77570W, TCE7126, TCE7272, TCES7000, THE4850, THE4750, ZI935, ZD201, Z911R, Z100DWR, Z200DRWE, Z100DP, Z100DRP, Z200DRPE, Z77.11G, Z77.15G, Z77.21G, Z77.91G, TD101/A, TD201/A, TE301/A, Z101G, Z121G, ZD201G, ZD212EG, Z77.21-G, Z77.91-G, SL551, Z100DR, ZD101, F812, KINGMATIC R, ED207, TE301, TEI935, TDS583T, TDS585E, TCS673T, TCS6730T, TCS664E, TCS674E, TCS374E, TCS584EW, TCS675E, TCS675EW, Z300CDP, ZE200CD, Z200CD, TC450/B, TD504TC, TC460, TD501TC, TC470, TC480, TD601TC, TC481W, TC484W, TC491D, TD06TX, TC482W, TC485W, TCS683LT, TCS683W, Z400CDE, TD604EC, TCF655E, TCF665E, TCS6550E, ZD110, TD250, ZD120, TD150, TD160, TD222T, TD513, TD514, TDS280W, ZD100C, ZD120R, ZD130R, ZD102C, F101, ZD225, ZW1150DRS, ZD150R, ZD150RL, TD260, Z77.12, Z77.22, Z77.32, ZD2000, TD230T, TD242T, TD523, TD523AL, TD526, TD322T, TD160T, TDS240T, TDS250T, TD524, TD524AL, TDS362T, TDS360T, TDS 362T, TDS382AL, TDS382T, TE350, ZD270EK, Z77.92, ZD320, ZD320SENSOT., EDE420E, TDS363E, TD534, TDS463E, TDS 463E, TDS474E, AE2020, TDS333E, TD245/A, TD225T, TD265/A, ZD110R, ZW160M, ZD140R, TD520AL, TD275/A, ZD210RE, ZW200E, TD520E, TD420E, Z300CDW, Z300CD, Z77.38, Z500CDE, Z700CDE, Z600CDE, Z350CD, TD4112W, TDE4234W, TC7102W, TC7114W, TCE7276W, TC7224, TCE7224, TCE7245, TCE7276, TC7102S, TC7114S, TCE7124W, PERLA, TCE7114, TD4110, TDE4124, TD4100W, TD4224, TD4212W, TDE4224, TD4234W, TC7114, ZDC5350W, ZDC5355W, TD4113W, TD4213W, ZTK120, TC7103S, TC7103W, ZDC5370W, ZDC5375W, TDE4235W, TDS302T, ZDE26100W, ZDE36150W, TCE7127W, ZDE57140W, ZDC46130W, ZDC46130S, ZDB5377W, TCE7227W, ZDC67550W



Please compare your old part with the photographs and dimensions provided prior to ordering as manufacturers change the design and components of their appliances without changing the model numbers and this is beyond our control.

  • Length:
    1975 H7
  • MPN:
    1250125208, 1258288107
  • Type:
  • Brand:
  • Product Code:
    1258288107 (BLH779UN)
  • Weight:
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